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Here is the November 06 report on our work on the Mosquito.

1. Once again, most of our mans’ work this month has again been in support of the wing construction. We have completed the overhaul of a number of the undercarriage and engine mount attachment fittings and the last of these have been completed this month.

2. We have fabricated a number of plates that mount the anchor nuts for the various attachment fittings. This month we completed the mount plates for the aileron to wing attachment blocks as well as the plates for the drop tank fuel union where it passes thru the rear spar. These have all be fabricated from new, cadmium plated and painted ready for installation.

3. We have fabricated four special washer plates for the wing to side panel mounts. In support of this has been the fabrication of a fixture to pick up the location of the side panles mounts and check them on the wing.

4. Fabricate distance tubes for positioning on the rear spar at the drop tank fuel transfer point and fit them to the spar,

5. Continue with the installation of the browning gun doors. Fabricate special stainless door guides. Prime and topcoat the alloy door edging strips and begin the final installation.

6. Some correction work has been required on a couple of the attachment plates to improve the fit on the spar. We have had to replace one steel fitting because of alignment issues. We have also fabricated some packers for the fish plates.

7. We sourced the copper sheet for use in the electrical bonding and have sent this to be cut down in width from 1 ½ “ to a series of ¼ and ½” wide strips.


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With the front and rear spars finally in the jig fixture, work has progressed onto drilling these spars to accept all the mounting hardware and bracketry. These brackets are often installed on the spars in pairs one on each face of the spar and separated by up to 4" of wood. This makes drilling the attachment holes an exacting task and necessitates the use of heavy drilling guides.

Once the brackets and mounts were completed the ribs were fitted and also drilled and bolted into place. Some of the ribs are attached to the spar with corner gusset plates, such as the engine bay ribs, and others are simply glued and screwed to the spar. All of the ribs are in place now and any correction to the profile has been completed using the profile boards.

The stringers for the bottom outer skin panels have been made and these have been fitted to the left under side.

Work has also progressed steadily on the tank bay doors and the components for these doors can soon be placed in the mold and formed into shape. Each door has at least 24 different pieces.

The skin ply shipment has arrived and looks great.

Work will center on the attachment structure for the tank bay doors over the coming weeks as this all has to be attached to the ribs before the bottom skins are fitted.

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